Oceanstar In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Organizer

Keep all your knives organized, sharp, and ready to use, with the Oceanstar Bamboo Knife Organizer. Made with 100% strong bamboo, the elegant knife organizer is not only durable but also prevents your knives from being damaged or dull. It can hold up to eleven knives. The modern and unique wavy design acts as a divider for the knives and is easy to store and remove them. The Oceanstar Bamboo Knife Organizer will compliment your kitchen countertop or drawer and is also an ideal gift and kitchen accessory for the contemporary lifestyle.

100% bamboo
Can hold up to 11 knives
Contemporary style
Easy to remove and store knives
Easy to wash and maintain
Dry the knives completely before storage

Organizes all your knives and keeps them within reach
Safe & convenient
Prevents clutter
Simplify your kitchen lifestyle
Easy access to all your knives
Adds space to your countertop

Dimensions: L 17 x W 6.12 x H 2.25 inches
Item weight: 3 lbs

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